Kenneth Copeland: His Biography

Kenneth Copeland was an American born on 6th Dec 1936 at Lubbock, Texas. He was the originator of the Christian organization called Kenneth Copeland Ministries. He was also a well known Author, Speaker and Television personality who promoted the word of faith. He was a talented singer and a recording artist and gave very popular numbers. The “Pledge of love” was his very popular composition which appeared in the list of Billboard Top 40 hit on 20th April 1957. It stayed in the chart for fifteen weeks and touched the 12th position in the list.

Getting influenced by the Christian religion he got converted into Christianity in year 1962 and later created his own Christian Ministry. During his youth he worked as a chauffeur of Oral Roberts around 1967 he enrolled at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Soon in 1970 the ministry started becoming very popular among people and many of them joined the ministries. The ministries headquarter were in Newark, Texas and has branches in many other location including international locations. Countries like Australia, Africa, Canada, UK and Ukraine have followers of KCM. They also made a prison inmate ministry which helped the convicts by providing them basic immunities.

After his conversion to Christianity, Kenneth initiated a new brand of Christian religion known as The Prosperity Theology. Some of his ideas and teachings in this work are controversial with some sections of the Christian community. Copeland’s daily television program “Believer’s Voice of Victory” became popular and in November 2007 Mike Huckabee, a Republican presidential primary candidate during 2008 made six appearances on this program. Mike Huckabee’s campaign supported the Kenneth Ministries and paid for its use for a fundraiser.

There is a private airport at Fort Worth, Texas which has been named Kenneth Copeland Airport. The ministry has initiated many welfare programs and has been actively involved in many social charity works particularly for the prison inmates. It has been very actively involved in the well fare of the prisoner. KCM write letters for the prison inmates for giving them lessons for having patience and peace. The KCM has been working hard to share the power of the blessed life to those behind bars over these years. They help the prisoners by giving those books and other resources for chaplains. They even have been donated some amount to build up a chapel for the prison inmates.

In 1995 the Barber ministries enabled the KCM to broadcast the Eagle Mountain Motorcycle Rally live via satellite to inmates in Texas and other states. Many state prisoners received the satellite broadcast of this rally.

With lot of followers the ministry is becoming very popular and lot of new people joining it every month it is growing very rapidly. Kenneth along with his wife Gloria Copeland and will his staff are spreading the word of faith and peace throughout the world. Kenneth’s philosophy and teaching to everyone is to have a positive approach towards life.

Today KCM receives many letters every month from inmates and sows many products annually. On an average over every month about 3,404 inmates get added to KCM mailing list sharing their views and ideas. This ministry helps the inmates by giving them right lessons on life and their future.

Kenneth Copeland Ministry enables you to learn more about the Words of God and put meaning into your life by making you spiritually fulfilled. You will know more about it if you become one of its partners.

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